NGneeringPartners is a company that in response to customer orders provides services in the areas of

  • development, standardisation and production optimisation with respect to equipment, plants and process engineering
  • engineering services as part of concrete plant construction projects for customers
  • project management and project-specific engineering services for concrete instances of demand as a service provided for third parties

In doing so, the company relies on the comprehensive know-how and range of experiences of its qualified in-house engineers, design engineers and developers. All of our professionals are well-versed in the areas of energy efficiency industry, power plant engineering and related process engineering and structural layout.

The objective of our company is to

  • develop, offer and use specific know-how that customers cannot or do not wish to provide / establish permanently,
  • assume (partial) tasks in the role of development, construction and implementation partner, either permanently or for a limited time and make the necessary capacities available,
  • help even out peaks in demand for performance and take care of special tasks, thereby allowing projects to be successfully implemented within the constraints of schedules and business conditions.